Who Are You To Judge?

Today I was told that I am too cynical for someone my age,that I’m too young to not believe in certain things. Am I cynical or smart and cautious? Getting told I grew up too fast is something I’ve always heard. In the fourth grade, the mother of a classmate told me that I seemed more mature in my speech and mannerisms than my peers.What do you expect? My oldest siblings are ten years my senior. I take pride in the fact that people tell me that I am “wise beyond my years” and that my sister’s nickname for me is “Little Wise One”. I see nothing wrong with maturing earlier in life, especially if it is is not in a negative way(e.g. dressing in a more mature manner, fooling around with boys). Having older siblings did cause me to grow up faster, but it also made me wiser. If lessons I’ve learned turned me “cynical” so be it. I’m a realist. End of.


Inmates and their crimes

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